What We Do

Today, we employ over 100 people in various countries, including investment professionals, research and due diligence teams, an in‐house legal group, corporate governance and operations experts, human resources, marketing, IT, accounting experts, and economic research specialists. These teams work closely together to apply their expertise to every investment we make. This structure allows teams organized from personnel throughout SigmaBleyzer to bring a wider spectrum of capabilities to managing investments.


SigmaBleyzer employs an active, hands‐on investment style, which has proven to be effective for underperforming companies. Our approach allows us to add substantial value at the operational level.


We obtain a controlling interest in the companies in which we invest to ensure the appropriate level of influence and control over our portfolio companies. Control allows us to implement the changes necessary to improve the performance of poorly performing companies.


SigmaBleyzer has historically invested in buyouts without using leverage, and we have considerable experience in creating value where debt is not readily available. To date, over 95% of the value created in our control buyout transactions has been derived from improvements in EBITDA.


SigmaBleyzer is highly focused on risk management. As a turnaround and operations focused investor, we believe that daily interaction with all aspects of our portfolio companies is the best form of risk management for private equity deals of any size.