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Diana Smachtina

Vice President
Director of Corporate Governance

Diana Smachtina

Diana Smachtina has been with SigmaBleyzer since its founding in
1993.  She is well known in Ukraine as a leading specialist in issues of
privatization and stock market development.  Ms. Smachtina is one of
the organizers and permanent members of the governing council of the
Ukrainian Stock Market (UAIB).  Under her supervision, SigmaBleyzer
participated in a pilot project implemented in Ukraine by USAID and
Price Waterhouse.

For more than 15 years, Ms. Smachtina has given lectures on
economics and management.  She is certified in privatization, asset
management of investment funds and stock brokerage, and has developed
creative approaches to modern education.

In 1995, under her supervision and with SigmaBleyzer’s direct
participation, UAIB published a directory titled “Investment Business:
Professionally from Professionals.”  Ms. Smachtina is often asked to
appear at conferences and give interviews with the media as an expert on
privatization and corporate culture in Ukraine.