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Sergey Boyko

Vice President, Volia Cable

Sergey Boyko

Sergey Boyko began working with SigmaBleyzer in 1996 as head of the legal department and chief legal counsel. As part of the SigmaBleyzer team, he has served as a broker on the securities market, established corporate governance systems at portfolio companies, and developed the consulting arm of SigmaBleyzer, focusing on business efficiency and enhancing management systems. Mr. Boyko became a member of the company’s board of directors in 1998 and is currently the President of Volia.

Prior to joining SigmaBleyzer, Mr. Boyko was Chief Legal Counsel for the SIGMA fund and head of the legal department for the Kharkiv Information Agency.  Additionally, he founded and directed his own law firm, specializing in corporate law, and served two years in the military in a cavalry battalion.

Mr. Boyko graduated from the National Academy of Jurisprudence and received a law degree from Kharkiv Yaroslav Mudry Academy of Law.